Institute of Communication and Journalism

The Institute of Communication and Journalism has come to occupy a prime position among leading media training houses in Kerala ever since its establishment in 1997.

Offering a rigorous academic curriculum with intense practical training, ICJ keeps pace with the rapid changes unfolding in the media world so as to equip its each batch of students to reach the forefront of success.

The students are groomed in a strictly disciplined environment, trained intensely in project works and exposed adequately to seminars and workshops which makes them a perfect mould ready to go for the hunt in one of the most competitive fields today.

The vastly experienced faculty from leading news organizations augment the skills of students for a bright career, while visiting faculty from popular academic institutions guide the students in their chosen fields like law, environment, films, finance, art and science etc…

The alumni of students, now glittering in various media firms – both print and electronic – stand testimony to ICJ’s high credentials and also reaffirms the Institute’s single goal of providing year by year students of excellent caliber thereby also improving the standards of media significantly.

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