Media: The forth estate

Press, the forth estate is the sentinel of democracy in a Society. The Calicut Press Club is the nerve centre of all media activities, both print and electronic. The Calicut Press Club, ever since its inception on 16th September 1970 when the then Chief Minister late C. Achutha Menon had laid the foundation stone has been spearheading the media function in this region. Began with around 70 members in the roll, this Press Club over the years has grown up to be a very prestigious and alert media center in the state with a present membership of over 280.

The lamp lighted by its founder President Mr. Aravindhakshan and the Secretary Mr. P. D. Damodaran is still blowing with all glistening and glory with an unstinted history of over three decades. Being the seat of the Kozhikode Unit of the Kerala Union of Working Journalist it stands for the unity and integrity of press personnel from all the daily and evening news papers published from Kozhikode.

Our district has the unique distinction of being the production center of all the major Malayalam news papers. One English daily is also being published from this place. This infact remarkably increase the significance of the Calicut Press Club.

About 30 News papers including evening dailies are brought out from the Zamorin’s city. We hope this Directory would be useful as a ready.

Another milestone achievement of our Press Club is the Institute of Communication and Journalism (ICJ) started functioning since 1997. The one year full-time P G Diploma Course in Communication and Journalism has proved to be very successful venture in grooming highly talented and professionally trained personnel in Media operation in the country.

Imparting the upto date knowledge in DTP operation, one-line Journalism, Internet, Web journalism and TV-radio programming apart from the training in Print Media, the course cater to the most challenging requirements of the Modern media world.

A governing body and Academic Council consisting of eminent media persons ensure the effective and smooth conduct of the course all through the years.

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